Hello There!

While the Zombie Shooter Unity3d version unfortunately hasen’t been worked on for a long while now, I still have been working with the Unity3d engine. I’ve joined up with a small group of passionate gamers/developers and started an indie company Big Red Planet. You can find us on IndieDB and on Facebook or our website.big_red_planet_logoAlongside this small indie team of ours we decided to make some games, but we wanted to start small and build our way up. Therefore we made Stix. Stix is a simple, yet enjoyable game. You compete against friends and/or family on your device without having  to setup a bunch of stuff – you can just get right in there and play!


– Please do feel free to test out the game. You can leave comments for the team and I on IndieDB or the Play Store. Thank you!

Get it on Google Play