Zombie Shooter

zombie shooter

The Zombie Shooter game is developed using Python along with Pygame. This is the project that inspired me to go into Unity3d development. Which is why it might seem a little bit unfinished. Anyhow, the character is animated using a spritesheet, but the I never got to the zombies. The shots are moved at a constant speed in the direction you shoot and the zombies die whenever they are hit. The spawn rate of the zombies increase to a certain threshold. You can try to see how long you can avoid any zombie hitting you 🙂 Unfortunately nothing happens if they do hit you.

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Update #1 – Zombie Shooter

Hello guys,

This is my first update associated with the Unity3d Zombie Shooter game. At the moment I am still working on learning the basics, but I am making progress. I’ve learned how to make a tree react to WindZones and how to make it a multiplayer game using Photon – meanwhile I’m learning how to make animations, using the new Mecanim animation system.