Unity3d: Zombie Shooter – Test Area

This is the second Youtube update the Zombie Shooter game that I’m creating in Unity3d. The development on this game is set on pause, as I will start working on a new project.

What I can reveal now is that it’s going to be an Android game! 🙂 I’m not sure yet, but I think I’m gonna make Youtube updates for that game as well. At the moment we’re still working on the details for the game and after that we start developing.

Subscripe! 🙂


Zombie Shooter – Unity3d

Initially when learning my way around the Unity3d engine I wanted to make a zombie shooter. A very popular genre and it seemed like a good starting point. In doing so I got around to using most of the common components for working with the 3d engine like Mecanim, animation system,  physics colliders/triggers, lighting, particle system etc.

However, after working on this project for a while, I decided to join teams with a small group of enthusiastic indie developers Big Red Planet. Which meant that the work on the zombie shooter was discontinued.

Update #1 – Zombie Shooter

Hello guys,

This is my first update associated with the Unity3d Zombie Shooter game. At the moment I am still working on learning the basics, but I am making progress. I’ve learned how to make a tree react to WindZones and how to make it a multiplayer game using Photon – meanwhile I’m learning how to make animations, using the new Mecanim animation system.