Big Red Planet, LLC website

monitorframe big red

This website takes advantage of the same template as my previously posted Glazier website. So it includes all the awesome design by Think Up Themes Ltd and includes mostly the same plugins as mentioned in my Glazier website post.

The website was made for Big Red Planet as a way to showcase their games. And because I’m a co-founder of Big Red Planet, this was a pleasure to make. You can read more about Big Red Planet on the following link.

The website can be viewed at

Glazier website


This website was made for a glazier company located in Denmark. It serves responsive design and anything else you’d expect from a high quality design – made easy by using a high quality template from Think Up Themes Ltd, big thanks to them.

Apart from a great design several other plugins were integrated. Plugins like a contact form, anti-spam filters, backups, performance optimization using cache and Piwik analytics. All very well polished plugins which integrated incredibly smoothly into the website.

The website can be viewed at