Stix is a small game made for Android using the Unity3d game engine. It was made alongside a small indie team where we wanted to create small apps and build our way up. Therefore we made Stix. Stix is a simple, yet enjoyable game. You compete against friends and/or family on your local device. Unfortunately making a networked multi-player version through Unity3d wasn’t available in the indie version at the time.

Anyways, the concept of the game is to draw out sticks placed through a cyllinder without making the balls on top of the sticks hall down. The player to make the least balls fall to the bottom after all stick have been removed is the winner.

The game utilizes GA to track userflows and uses an Admob plugin to display banner ads when playing the game.

You can find the app on Google Play Store.

Zombie Shooter – Unity3d

Initially when learning my way around the Unity3d engine I wanted to make a zombie shooter. A very popular genre and it seemed like a good starting point. In doing so I got around to using most of the common components for working with the 3d engine like Mecanim, animation system,  physics colliders/triggers, lighting, particle system etc.

However, after working on this project for a while, I decided to join teams with a small group of enthusiastic indie developers Big Red Planet. Which meant that the work on the zombie shooter was discontinued.

Zombie Shooter

zombie shooter

The Zombie Shooter game is developed using Python along with Pygame. This is the project that inspired me to go into Unity3d development. Which is why it might seem a little bit unfinished. Anyhow, the character is animated using a spritesheet, but the I never got to the zombies. The shots are moved at a constant speed in the direction you shoot and the zombies die whenever they are hit. The spawn rate of the zombies increase to a certain threshold. You can try to see how long you can avoid any zombie hitting you 🙂 Unfortunately nothing happens if they do hit you.

Download links: